Case Studies

ActiveCampaign Office Expansion: Unforeseen Conditions

Early engagement allowed Executive Construction to uncover multiple unforeseen conditions in a historic Chicago high-rise building, and avoid extensive schedule delays.



During the initial phase of the project, several unexpected challenges were discovered that required immediate attention, and adjustments to the initial scope of work and schedule. While demolishing the 4th floor ceiling in preparation for the interconnecting stair, large structural steel beams were revealed that impacted the original stair design, as they could not be safely removed. Additionally, during early demolition activities, asbestos mastic flooring was discovered which required an immediate halt to operations so that three exploratory demo tests could be conducted to test for the presence of additional asbestos and lead-based paint throughout the existing 4th floor space. Both were discovered in multiple areas.


Executive Action

Executive Construction immediately contacted the building owner to coordinate abatement of the hazardous materials by a separate firm, keeping the schedule delay to just two weeks on the front-end of the project. Moreover, Executive Construction initiated critical discussions between the design team and structural steel trade contractors which led to the redesign of the stair to incorporate connection to the existing steel beams. The resulting design was both structurally sound and aesthetically consistent with the multi-floor expansion.



Timely on-site investigations by Executive Construction provided essential information that allowed the team to quickly mobilize the removal of hazardous materials, as well as reconfigure the design of an essential component for the expanded ActiveCampaign headquarters.