Case Studies

ActiveCampaign Office Expansion: Work in Occupied Space

During a multi-floor expansion, Executive Construction delivered a unique and challenging space under aggressive turnover schedules with minimal disruption to the ActiveCampaign’s ongoing operations.



The installation of a massive interconnecting stair to connect the expansion of office space to the floor below posed a challenge as the stair’s planned location was directly behind reception in an occupied area critical to the client’s operations.


Executive Action

ActiveCampaign desired an accelerated schedule to accommodate an increase in their Chicago workforce to nearly 500 staff members. Executive Construction engaged the client and design team in early discussions about schedule implications and the impact of day-today workflow during stair installation. The decision was made to develop a separate project schedule for the stair due to a more involved permit process, key logistics planning, and preparations for containment. As the stair opening involved the removal of a large portion of the café / lounge area, temporary soundproof partitions were installed to completely surround the work area, providing a safe barrier between construction crews and ActiveCampaign staff. Demolition was performed during off hours, with work on the stairs completed during the day. Detailed phasing and logistics plans were created for the remaining buildout areas so work around the stairs could commence simultaneously under a concurrent schedule.



Executive Construction’s proactive approach to containment and schedule phasing allowed for the stair installation to commence without substantial impact to ActiveCampaign’s workflow. Our team’s flexible logistics plan further accommodated the client by turning over several key areas early.