Case Studies

EdgeConneX – Roof Replacement

Executive Construction’s alternate solution for a roof replacement saved time and money under an accelerated winter schedule.


The project documents called for a complete tear-off of an existing 12-year-old ballasted EPDM roof, and replacement with a new, 120,000-sf EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) roof with a new vapor barrier. The existing building was being converted to data center space, and the schedule required that the roofing work be completed in only eight weeks prior to winter.

Executive Actions

Executive Construction engaged a third-party roofing consultant to brainstorm alternate solutions. The consultant recommended the team remove the existing ballast; leave the existing roof system in place to act as a vapor barrier; mechanically install new insulation; and adhere the new EPDM membrane on top of the existing membrane. Savings were realized through the elimination of the demolition of the existing roof and, most importantly, not exposing the interior construction to the elements with a complete tear-off. Executive Construction completed this work under a design-build approach, allowing new drawings to be completed in four days, and the roofer to mobilize onsite within two weeks.


The alternate solution, coupled with a design-build approach, allowed Executive Construction to competitively bid to multiple trade contractors, award the contract, obtain submittal approval, and mobilize onsite within two weeks. This approach saved time and money, and eliminated exposure of the data center to the roofing work. Construction began immediately and was completed in five weeks. Executive Construction saved $1.5 million in roof costs, and incurred zero cost for winter condition-related items.