Case Studies

Hinsdale Golf Club: Structural Steel

Executive Construction collaborated with key team members to provide innovative solutions to unforeseen structural challenges of a 97-year-old building under renovation.



When construction kicked off and demolition was in progress, the project team encountered two challenges. They discovered unforeseen structural conditions in multiple locations that would require reinforcement of the existing steel to maintain the building’s structural integrity, and were posed with a new challenge to keep the existing dining room open during construction. Both of these issues would require redesigning the existing steel and shoring systems to refrain from encroaching into the dining room to leave it in-use.

In an effort to minimize this disruption and refrain from closing off the main dining room to preserve time and the project budget, Executive Construction had to lead an ongoing investigation of existing conditions and present solutions for each area of changes. The team had to work with the design team to establish an alternative plan to install the steel at the tie-in location to maintain structural integrity without having to shore this area of the building.


Executive Action

Great ideas are developed together! Executive Construction worked closely with the design team and the structural steel trade contractors to redesign and eliminate the shoring of the building between the existing bar and the area for expansion. The team redesigned the steel connections to keep the lower-level wall in place during the steel installation, demolished the wall at the tie-in location, and proceeded with construction of the new bar area as planned.



Thanks to the on-site coordination and collaboration amongst the team, along with the implementation and execution of thought-leading practices, Hinsdale Golf Club’s bar and lounge was renovated and expanded as programmed.