Case Studies

Keyence Corporation – Custom Lighting Mockup

Through study of design intent, and expert management of the procurement timeline, Executive Construction provided time-saving solutions for an intricate fixtures install.


With the project underway and construction schedule established, it was determined an interconnecting stair between floors 5 and 6 was to be added to Keyence’s new headquarters space. A scope change this significant would impact the entire schedule, especially finishes and coordination later in the project. The original design called for the placement of 38 pendant lights in the stairwell area—hanging at varying heights to portray a “random” feel—each requiring the cord to be cut at the desired length upon install. Due to the density of the fixtures, accessing and adjusting a specific pendant after install would risk damaging the other in-place fixtures. Moreover, the pendant cords could not be modified lower once installed. With the updated stair scope, the designer and client asked for alternative solutions for installation based on the original heights of the lights, with an option to adjust the pendants after install.

Executive Action

Through careful study of the design intent, lead times, and sequencing, Executive Construction recommended that slab demolition, structural steel, and stairway steel be issued as a separate package for pricing and permitting three weeks prior to the rest of the bid /permit documents. This allowed for a head start with demolition, and structural shop drawings and fabrication, as well as additional time for fixture coordination near the end of the project.   Executive Construction then created an in-place temporary mockup using 2”x 2’” wood dowels hanging on strings to act as “placeholders” for light pendants, offering the design team a visual portrayal of where the actual fixtures would hang. The dowels were quickly cut, strung, and numbered, enabling the mockup to be installed within 24 hours.


By collaborating as a team, the appropriate time to field measure and procure the stair railing system and treads was afforded, as well as careful coordination of the final details in the stair area. The pendant mockup provided the visual representation and maximum flexibility required to make the proper adjustments, allowing the team to achieve the desired design intent with little to no difficulty.


Pendant Light Mockup

Pendant Light Install

Final Pendant Display