Case Studies

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

The relocation of the corporate headquarters for NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. provides an enhanced level of technology and collaboration for staff, partners, and customers. The 50,000-sf buildout on two-and-a-half floors includes an exposed-ceiling open office environment; a new interconnecting stair; private offices and huddle rooms; small, medium, and large conference rooms; a 5,000-sf research and development lab; wellness room; and café / pantry areas on each floor. The focal point of the new headquarters space is the 9,000-sf executive Briefing Center that allows NEC to showcase their technologies in market-driven vignettes.

The Briefing Center offers 10 stand-alone themed vignettes that highlight the latest NEC technology, each tailored to the market it represents—transportation; quick-serve restaurant; healthcare; education; retail; command and control; corporate; and large venues such as lecture halls, cinema, and houses of worship. This one-of-a-kind space showcases real-world applications and solutions for NEC partners and customers; and is designed to host events, such as livestreams of product announcements and media conferences. The Briefing Center required an extremely dense, robust technology package to support the unique logistics and systems integration process.

The Large Event Venue vignette proved to be a complex installation due to intricate placement of large-format projectors. The decision on which projectors to be installed came after the engineering on the walls was complete. Extensive discussions between NEC and Executive Construction, as well as close coordination with AV, power, and imaging trades, was necessary to ensure the required infrastructure could be installed properly within the existing structural conditions. Further, state-of-the art in-wall speakers and subwoofers were carefully and strategically placed behind a perforated screen so that sound could transfer through without distorting the image.

Executive Construction was brought into the project team early in the process to support NEC and the architect as they prepared test-fits to find the right space for the offices and Briefing Center. In supporting the team with conceptual budgets for the various spaces, Executive Construction assisted in making informed decisions about the cost implications of each space, and as the project progressed, cost savings options that maintained the design intent.


Existing Conditions
A challenge of working within an existing building was the infrastructure updates needed to support a new, sophisticated space. The technology-heavy environment of the Briefing Center required 35 floor cores to provide the multiple access points needed for the team to pull the massive amounts of cabling throughout the space.

Equipment Coordination
As the equipment was such a critical component to the build, Executive Construction carefully planned for equipment coordination and helped manage that process with NEC. By aligning purchasing lead-times—particularly of long-lead items—with our construction schedule, this ensured all stakeholders were on the same page about the equipment specs ordered, and when specific pieces need to arrive on-site. By identifying the key milestone dates, and then proactively connecting on a regular basis with NEC, the design team, and the trades on the equipment status, any impact on the sequence of work was avoided.