Case Studies

Tribune Publishing Company: Monument Stair

This Spanish-style monument staircase was constructed to span four floors, and is the largest woodwork element of the Tribune Publishing Company’s new headquarters space.



The primary challenge to the stair installation was the oversight of material procurement, fabrication, and installation between multiple team members under a fast-track schedule. An additional challege was to meet the Chicago Building Code requirements of an atrium exhaust system for staircases that connect two or more floors.


Executive Action

Executive Construction coordinated and provided oversight of 18 different consultants to complete this critical component under a limited schedule. Constant communication between essential trade partners, such as steel fabricators and millwork specialists, was imperative on this complex install. Approximately three-quarters of the stair components were prefabricated offsite and delivered to the jobsite in sections. Due to the oversized nature of these pieces, and the location of the stair within a nearly completed tenant space, the prefabricated sections were carefully inserted through newly-finished window encasements.

To meet the fire code requirements, nine automated fire shutters—the largest at 27-feet tall—were installed instead of an atrium exhaust system, along with additional alarm devices and enhanced smoke detection features.



The collaboration between Executive Construction, Eastlake Studio, and the numerous trade and specialty contractors resulted this massive, open-air staircase that serves as the central showpiece for the Tribune offices—installed safely, on time, and under budget.