Case Studies

Zurich North America – Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Executive Construction reduced schedule and cost increases by early coordination of multiple MEP trades.


When coordinating the MEP systems for Zurich North America’s corporate headquarters, it became apparent that the trades for the tenant interior systems and the base-building medium pressure (MP) HVAC loop would be in conflict.

Executive Action

Where the MP loop was already installed, Executive Construction coordinated with the base-building HVAC installer to raised or relocate the duct, as necessary, to allow proper fitting of the tenant interior MEP systems. By doing this, conflicts were avoided in the field, and costly scheduling issues prevented.

In the instances where the MP loop was not installed, necessary modifications to the duct were made prior to fabrication and installation, saving our client money on both the initial install by eliminating double handling, and on the tenant interior side as trades did not have to stop production.


Zurich North America realized dramatic cost savings through improved installation efficiencies; elimination of potentially high-cost coordination to resolve conflicts; reduced re-work of installation; and reduced time lost to conflict resolution.

Additionally, given the use of BIM, Executive Construction provided a highly detailed and accurate record of the as-built conditions to be utilized for future expansions and modifications.


Main Distribution Frame – BIM

Main Distribution Frame – Constructed








Servery – BIM

Servery – Constructed