To support the client’s growth, this renovation of a 50,000-sf warehouse partitioned the space into a specialized facility for retooling equipment, including office space and amenities. The workspace features offices, conference rooms, a cafeteria, and expanded restrooms featuring locker space for up to 100 staff. The facility’s infrastructure includes two electrical rooms, two data rooms, and two compressors to support the facility’s compressed air requirements.


Work on the building structure involved new exterior windows cut into the precast walls, and reinforcement of the existing roof joists to support the replacement and addition of roof-top HVAC units. During planning, the team ran a “clash detection” audit of the proposed joists against existing systems, and found that the sprinkler lines that run perpendicular to the joists would be disturbed, and pose a significant cost. Instead, the team collaborated on a cost-effective solution to reinforce the existing joists, and only had to move one sprinkler line.