Executive Construction Project Superintendents and Project Managers work as a team, and are among the best in the industry.



  • Maintain project sequencing
  • Implement and adhere to strict protocols for construction administration and communication as defined in Preconstruction
  • Confirm quality standards

Key Focus Areas

    Vigorous and transparent budget reporting results in proactive change management and mitigation of financial risk.
  • TIME
    Rigorous scheduling affirms that all team members are aware of short- and long-term expectations.
    An unrelenting focus on detail coordination coupled with continuous inspections keep quality at the forefront.
    As a vigilant sentry of all construction activities, we believe that safety is the highest priority.


  • Contractor productivity is maximized.
  • The shortest practical project duration is achieved.
  • Each trade knows specific project requirements and expectations.
  • Progress is benchmarked on a regular basis.
  • Key long-lead times are identified early.
  • Change orders are minimized.
  • Potential cost impact on the project is quickly identify.
  • All legitimate subcontract changes are reviewed and recommended for approval.
  • Accurate budget reports are delivered.