With considerable organizational strength, Executive Construction develops effective project control protocols early in the process so that all team members are aligned from the start.



Establish firm command of budget, schedules, and efficient communication, reporting, and approvals hierarchies.

Key Focus Areas

    Our expertise in conceptual estimating provides definition of the project’s gray areas.
  • TIME
    All project activities are measured against our carefully focused Master Schedule.
    We lead a collaborative effort that results in a detailed analysis of specific systems and constructability.
    A meticulous safety strategy is preceded by thorough studies and evaluations of the site and surrounding environment.


  • Major redesign efforts are significantly reduced.
  • A clear definition of project scope anchors a solid foundation for launch.
  • A clear outline for the flow of material and labor sets the stage for success.
  • Competitive pricing on all subcontracted trades is ensured.
  • Subcontracts, purchase orders, submittals, and shop drawings are awarded and approved efficiently.