Although a successful transition of the completed project to the Owner concludes our process, Executive Construction’s Service Group is always accessible to our clients on an ongoing basis. We really never go away…



  • Forward-thinking and aggressive management of the punch list process
  • Commissioning of major equipment and systems
  • Development of highly organized, project specific documentation
  • Assembly of all as-built and O&M documents
  • Accountability beyond transition to Owner

Key Focus Areas

    Precise budget tracking precedes a comprehensive finalization of all costs, payments and lien waivers.
  • TIME
    Post-construction schedules help to solidify a drama-free occupancy phase.
    We champion delivery of the highest standards of quality and detailed transition plans.
    Safe work environments reflect dedicated efforts to objectively look back and plan diligently going forward.


  • Complete Owner satisfaction is ensured.
  • Owner is equipped with all information and reference materials to competently manage the facility.
  • Any issues still under warranty within 11 months after Closeout are efficiently resolved.
  • Our Service Group is always available to clients.