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Our Annual Safety Stand-down to Honor Brian Cotter

At Executive Construction, the safety of our team members, partners, and jobsites is top priority, always. On Friday, we held our third annual Cotter Safety Standown across every one of our sites in memory of Brian Cotter, a well-respected craftsman and cousin of our Senior Superintendent Tom Thies. In 2021, Brian passed away in a construction-related incident, and though it wasn’t our project, it heavily impacted our team.


As shown in the video below, field leaders—including Tom, the driving force of this tradition—shared the story and presented teams with a cotter pin hard hat sticker. The cotter pin connects pieces together and symbolizes security because once it’s in place, everything is safer and stronger. In line with our Journey to Zero, these pins are a daily reminder to keep safety front-of-mind.


We’re humbled to continue to honor Brian, and reinforce the importance of the commitment, collaboration, and coaching it takes to ensure everyone gets home safe.