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A great general contractor is not a commodity. Whether brought into the team at the construction documentation or bidding stage; or engaged early to develop conceptual budgets based on programmatic space plans that help our partners and clients vet real estate options, we’ve proven transparent collaboration leads to shared success.

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Great ideas are developed together

Executive Construction maintains effective project control protocols early in the process so that all team members are aligned from the start. Detailed conceptual budgets and schedules; meticulous safety planning; and technology integration to assess and reduce in-the-field conflicts create a solid foundation for collaboration and communication as the design team and owner define and refine project scope.
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Reinventing the wheel is costly

As efforts transition from vision to reality, Executive Construction superintendents and project managers work as a team and utilize clear operational processes to ensure maximum productivity and quality, and a safely-executed build. Reporting as vigorous as it is transparent, results in proactive cost and schedule management and mitigation of financial risk throughout the project. Communication is enhanced through technology, from virtual meetings to digital progress documentation.

Clear operational processes lead to successful outcomes

Executive Construction champions success for all team members by delivering the highest standards of quality and detailed transition plans. As a project nears completion, team members lead a preemptive, highly-organized punch list review, and follow a comprehensive equipment commissioning process. Although a successful transition to the owner concludes our process, Executive Construction’s Service team is always accessible to our clients as they “live into” their new spaces and buildings.

Technology to build smarter

Most advantageous when complex building coordination is in play, Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) connects project teams with intelligent building information, and the ability to map the construction process from start to finish. Just as each engagement offers unique challenges, our VDC team customizes a technology approach that can assess existing conditions, visualize building components, enhance trade coordination, support prefabrication, and/or allow virtual visits and reviews. All of which aid design process decision-making and responsible project delivery.
Existing Conditions Laser Scans
Estimation & Pre-Fabrication Collaboration
Systems Clash Detection & Trade Coordination
Logistics Planning
Virtual Site Visits & Stakeholder Communication
Facilities & Asset Management via As-Built Models

Our Work

Our team delivers spaces for people to work, learn, advocate, enjoy and importantly, support their own team and customers. Over nearly 50 years, as our portfolio has filled with collaborations on data centers, schools, banks, corporate offices, laboratories, and law firms.