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Coming Soon! Our New Spec Suite Project at 500 N. Dearborn

Executive Construction is excited to partner with Friedman Properties, geniant+Eastlake Studio, and Advanced Consulting Group, to build out a new spec suite—Suite 600—at 500 North Dearborn.


Located in River North, the building designed by Daniel Burnham is immersed in rich Chicago history and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This twelve-story building was built in 1923, and was commissioned by famous publisher and entrepreneur William D. Boyce as the headquarters for the W.D. Boyce Publishing Company. Fun fact, Boyce even used the building’s penthouse as his home!


Stay tuned to see how this space transforms into the incredible tenant-ready office space shown in the renderings! For leasing inquiries, please reach out to Brian Chernett (