Ascent LLC


250,000-sf colocation data center housing multiple data center turnkey suites with 10,000-sf to 20,000-sf configurations, ranging from 1.8MW to 2.1MW critical. Typical design-build design solution utilizes 2MW generators, 350-ton chillers, 75-ton CRAH’s with OA efficiencies, 750KVA UPS systems, STS’s and PDU/ RPP distribution. All critical mechanical and electrical systems are configured N+1 or greater, with concurrent maintainability. Data Center Suites utilize 48-inch raised floors, power-efficient lighting, and CFD modeling for under-floor cable tray / power designs. Core and shell work includes replacement of 250,000-sf of roofing, building lightning protection and grounding system, new EIFS finish on exterior cavity wall, site parking lots, and extensive power and fiber concrete duct banks.